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Versuri Mi cyaan believe it
- Michael Smith

Mi cyaan believe it
(I can't believe it)
mi seh mi cyaan believe it
(I say I can't believe it)
room dem a rent mi apply widdin but as me go in cock-roach rat and
scorpion also come in
(The room they rent and I apply within, as I go in,
cock-roaches, rats and scorpions also come in)
one good nose haffi run but mi nah guh dong sit dong pon high wall
like Humpty Dumpty
(one good nose have to run, but I'm not going to sit down on a high wall
like Humpty Dumpty)
mi a face mi reality
(I face my reality)
one lickle bwai come blow him horn
(one little boy comes blows his horn)
me look pon him wid scorn when me realise how mi five bwai pickney
was a victim of the trix dem call partisan politics
(I look at him with scorn when I realise how my five boy children were a
victim of the tricks they call partisan politics)
an mi bun mi belly and mi bawl
(and I burn my belly and I bawl)
Mi seh mi cyaan believe it
(I can't believe it)
mi daughter bwaifriend name is Sailor and him pass through the port
like a ship
(my daughter's boyfriend's name is Sailor and he passes through the port
like a ship)
more grand pickney fi feed
(more grand children to feed)
but the whole a we need
(but the whole that we need)
what a night what a plight mi cyaan get a bite, mi life is a stiff fight and mi
cyaan believe it
(what a night, what a plight, I can't get a bite, my life is a stiff fight
and I can't believe it)
sittin in de corner wid mi friends talkin bout tings and time
(sitting in de corner with my friends talking about things and time)
mi 'ear one voice seh: "who deh? "
(I hear one voice sey: "who's there? "
mi a seh "who deh? "
(I say "who's there? ")
"who a seh who deh when wi a seh who deh"
("who says who's there when we say who's there? ")
when wi tek a stalk, dem lick down wi flat
(when we take a stalk, they beat down our flat)
teet start fly, and big man start cry
(teeth start to fly and big man starts to cry)
an mi cyaan believe
(and I can't believe it)
mi seh mi cyaan believe it
(I say I can't believe it)

De other day mi a pass one yard pon de hill, when mi tek a stalk mi 'ear
"hey bwai! "
(The other day I pass one yard on the hill, when I take a stalk I hear
"Hey boy! ")
Yes maam
(Yes madam)
"hey bwai! "
("hey boy! ")
Yes maam
(Yes madam)
"You clean up de dog s***? "
("Did you clean up the dog s***?! ")
Yes maam
(Yes madam)
an mi cyaan believe it
(and I can't believe it)
Doris a mother of four, get a wok as a domestic
(Doris is a mother of four, and gets a work as a domestic)
bass man move in an bap-si-kaisico she pregnant again
(The boss moves in and bap-si-kaisico she's pregnant again)
bap-si-kaisico she pregnant again
(bap-si-kaisico she's pregnant again)
an mi cyaan believe it
(and I can't believe it)
De yard de other night when mi a hear fire, fire to plate claat, who dead,
you dead, who dead, me dead, who dead,
Harry dead, who dead, heleven dead, woyeee,
Orange street fire deh bun mi 'ead and mi cyan believe it
(The yard the other day when I hear fire, fire like hell, who's dead,
you're dead, who's dead, I'm dead, who's dead,
Harry's dead, who's dead, eleven
are dead, woyeee, Orange street, fire there burn my head
and I can't believe it)
Lord me see one black bud livin in one building but no rent no pay so
him cyaan stay, Lord de opress and de disposess cyaan get no res',
what nex'
(Lord, I see one black bud living in one building, but he doesn't pay any
rent, so he can't stay, Lord, the opressed and the dispossesed can't get
no rest, what's next)
Tek a trip from Kingston to Jamaica, tek twelve from a dozen,
mi see mi mama in heaven. Madhouse. Mi cyaan believe it.
(I take a trip from Kingston to Jamaica, and see my mother in heaven.
Madhouse. I can't believe it)
You believe it?
(Do you you believe it?)
How you fi believe it when you blind you eye to it?
(How are you going to believe it when you close your eye to it)
But mi know you believe it, laaawd, mi know you believe it.
(But I know you belive it, Lord, I know you believe it.)