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Versuri Mental Home - Stranger dove

My remembrance comes
And i'm watching the stars by empty eyes.
Like a priest with fate in hands
Think of something what he's lost.
Maze of borning dreams
Tearing silence of the nightmares.
I hate hide you in my heart
But something bleeds i cannot carryng.
Looking deep in the smoke,
Yesterday i've burn the Angel's wings.
I breathe my memories,
Can't no longer kept my pain inside.
Raise the ancient golden cage,
Take in hand the bird, and put in sky.
Lonely in starlight
Stranger dove begins his last flight

Please, please.... forget what i've missed,
Even a stones blames me,
Leave me with my pain,
It makes me blind.
Cold, i feel my heart so cold,
The flowers are dying in my world,
I call you in the night,
But you've led astray...

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