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Versuri Mekong Delta - Age of agony

Your tired eyes connot light your path
The weariness! It's hard to stay awake
Time goes by. You cannot afford to waste away
Your mission needs your strengths
In the dark it began
An irrational ban
Irreversable curse
I'm the only one left
with the might to fight back
in the battle of sound
(5th dimension nightmare)
(Age of agony)
Can't you tell, that you nearly missed
You've reached the end and it's coming strong!
Fight your fear, no, you can't escape
your fate, You're abused to justify it
Who created what I hear?
Every night all my fears
stick together as one
Who composed all this themes
that pursue me in dreams?
Messengers of downfall
(5th dimension nightmare)
(Age of agony)
(Death from the Rue d'Auseil)

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