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Versuri Meat Puppets - Sexy music

Let me see everything
Let me live forever
Give me wings and show me how
To control the weather
Give me the mountains
Give me the sea
And build a mighty tower
Especially for me
Fill the tower up with food
The kind I love to eat
Send a couple maidens
With soft hands to rub my feet
Give me superhuman strength
To wipe out what is wrong
Give me all of everything
I've wanted for so long
Unearthly visions filled my head
As I lay there and sexy music
Tumbled all around
ANd then the music turned to
Emerald feathered goblins
That cast their burning pearls
To the ground
Hot as the sun
The red rubber fountain of ecstasy
Flows from the palms of my hands
LIke the wind
Hot as the sun

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