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Versuri Mea Culpa - Party line

You don't smoke and you don't drink and you don't f***k but do you think?
It's still addiction when power's your drug, "integrity" shouldn't make you a thug
Nailed up to the X and you think you're "Out Of Step, "
Lined up just like lemmings running towards your perfect edge
If you've chosen for yourself, you can count me on your side
But if you're beating someone down, I'd rather go get high

And you just follow the Party Line (x3)
You lose your face and lose your mind

All in black, you smash it up, yell, "Anarchy! " and don't get caught
A corporate trap, you took the bait, you just destroy and don't create
The rest of us take all the blame, just human shields in your little game
You say you don't want any laws, then wear a mask and fall in line just like the cops


We're all good and we're all fine just sit and stare and pay no mind
Wear our uniforms and do as we're told,
As long as it feels good we never question what we're sold
Seperate but all the same, just different teams in the same damn game
So from this party I resign, 'cause I don't wanna stand in line.


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