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Versuri Mea Culpa - Massacre high

Blood on the classroom floor, running down the halls
Quick to dislocate the blame, but that blood stains us all
It's a horror movie high school and the aliens are us
Dehumanized to the breaking point where it's a weakness to show trust
I woke up this morning to find that I'd shot up my school
Well it wasn't really me, but I feel like the accused

Disaffected, maladjusted, murder in their heads
When the culture's predatory, what did you expect?

'Cause when we're taught to act like zombies, expect our conscience to rot
And when the cutthoat gets the glory, expect some throats to get cut
This ain't no place for learning nothing, except how to conform
And when mercy's seen as weakness, well that's what they're gonna learn
And that school wasn't really mine, but it was somewhere I could see
It was the pinnacles of power and the boardrooms and the bedrooms
And the streets and every corner of this broken land-of-plenty machine

Disaffected, maladjusted, it ain't over yet
Emptiness is elevated, what did you expect?

Another highschool massacre on your TV screen
But when you see that monster baby, know you're looking at me
It's a brutal generation, preying on the weak
But tell me, what did you expect? That's what you taught them to be.

But I learned to fight with words instead of bullets or with blows
And I learned that "geek" just means that there are things I want to know
'Til you judge us by our character, not cash and cars and clothes
What we reap is what we sew

No one seems to listen until someone ends up dead
When you take away all outlets, what did you expect?

We're just being true to our school.

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