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Versuri Mea Culpa - Good cop / bad cop

There's a movement in the street of a thousand angry feet
But all they tell you is "A riot's goin' on. "
You didn't choose to wear the badge just to be a hired thug
You know you wanted to be more than just a pawn
But now they hand you your baton and you're loading up your gun
But underneath your gloves your hands begin to shake
You only wanted to protect all the good guys from the bad
But now you're changing from a lion to a snake
Trying to do right but they put you in a mask
Soul gets tucked away no more "Serve And Protect"
No one sees the system pulling at your strings
No one smells the sulfure, No one hears the screams

When the daylight burns away,
You never know if the sirens mean salvation or your grave
When you see them walk your way
Good Cop, Bad Cop, frightened either way

He's about to hit the street and his head is full of heat
'Cause he knows that soon they're gonna cut him loose
He's got his orders to disperse and he asks who wants it first
And you know he's gonna look for an excuse
And the power and corruption are there walking hand in hand
'Cause no ones gonna even think of breaking blue
So the monster is unleashed as an officer of peace
Even if someone is dead when he is through
Looking for the slightest excuse to f***k you up,
Gonna hit you in the head with a billy club
Roaming pack of wolves with the blood upon their jaws
No regard for justice, no regard for law


You're just another working stiff / And now the rot is seeping in
And there's no way to shed this skin / Like a grenade without a pin
When you go off, you just might have to break the law

Now the streets are choked with gas and you look through plexiglass
At a world you didn't want to come to this
And you draw the final straw as those sworn to uphold the law
Bring down order with their clubs and with their fists
You see a madman with a badge open fire on the crowd,
Cocks again and then he asks, "Who wants it next? "
So you close your eyes and draw, the conclusion is foregone
You're finally living out your duty to protect

Tired of the whitewash, victims all forgot
Tired of ignoring all the 41 shots
Thunder fills the sky and the bad cop hits the ground,
The good cop's the one standing there, with the smoking gun


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