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Versuri Mea Culpa - Corporate nation

Commercialized society, dehumanizing all I see
Welcome to the New American Dream
Culture's a commodity, if it can't be sold it ain't worth a thing
Fattened for the kill, no one's hearing the screams
There are police on every corner, their badges say "Place Your Ad Here"
I turned on the news to try and get the facts
And the only headline that I saw said, "Nothing To See Here. "
They sell us freedom with our Coke, but our democracy's a joke
They've got the information
And while we buy into the sham, they're busy tying all our hands
Here in our Corporate Nation
They hook us young like a dealer with a lie to sell
Load us up with junk so we won't see the hell
They're leading us, they're feeding us to
They own the place you work and the shows you see,
Where you lay your head while they define your dreams
It's a free market for them, Stalinism to you
And all the public schools get privatized
But we are told to have no fear
But when Nike owns your high school don't be too surprised
To see sections of the history book on labor disappear
They're gonna teach our children well, what to buy and how to sell
They've got the information
Instead of swastikas, a swoosh, but it's the same old Hitler Youth
Here in our Corporate Nation
Life's more than a transaction for someone to exploit
And unless we take some action, we're gonna end up with no choice
Cultural Monopoly, Undermined Democracy
Welcome to the New American Dream
Our government's been bought and sold so many times we don't even know
Who's holding the reigns in the land of the free
But they keep saying my vote matters
And so I stepped into the booth
But the only thing I got to really choose between
Was the color of their power ties and the puppets in their suits
And I look behind the mask and they've twisted every fact
They've got the information
And I tear away the veil and I see we're all for sale
Here in our corporate nation

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