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Versuri Mea Culpa - Come join us

Our scene is gone, gone to s***t
What in the f***k should we do about it?
Punks aren't going to shows
Cuz the pigs guard the doors
Telling us what to wear
Telling us how to cut our hair

But not us, our scene is sacred
We make the most, we cannot fake it
We must come together, regroup, we can do it
Our scene is forever, cuz we're infected

We need your support, one less we can't afford
Don't promise what you can't keep
You're going to get way in deep
Bound together and joined with us
Come with us, come join us

For every kid with opened eyes
There's acceptance here, there's a way to fight
I see the best and brightest of tommorow's world
Laughed at by the pigs, but here they'll know they're pearls
Ya wanna know how I define "punk rock"?
It's anyone who gives a f***k

We need your help for our cause,
To help us survive, we have a crisis, it must be stopped
We can't win without you, so join us in our fight
Come with us, come join us.

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