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Versuri Matt Caplan - September

Where does the world/wound begin
In a closet full of toys
Or a childhood of faceless fathers
And you never let them in
They were only girls and boys
And you know that it's too late to bother now
And if I try too hard to ask yourself that scary question
We all know you'll hide again
You'll just turn your head and sell your soul away

You called my name, you called my bluff
You said September wasn't enough
And when you slip, and if I care
I'll save you, I won't quit when it's tough
That's not good enough x4

And if the war you wage is lost
Because the bombshells are a self-inflicted arsenal
You should turn your head and ask yourself
If it is worth this life in hell
And then you'll let them rip your heart away


You call my name, you call my bluff
You said September wasn't enough

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