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Versuri Matt Caplan - Goodbye

And I feel them closing in
Setting war against the battleground
Both armies crowned 22 years ago
But the blood they spill is mine
Spilling out like so much motor oil
Into my ocean, into your ocean
Eyes to the sky
White flag raised high
Then I turn to find your light
Infinite in warmth and infinite in wisdom
I'm endlessly in search of a sign that's believable
But oh Lord, save me from the fear
I'm blinded by its sight
But I'll find thee when it's light
How we turned I don't know
And we're still awake to greet the gray
When Saturday slips slowly into the past
Are we wise beyond our years or just old before our time?
And does she see it?
I think she sees it
Where did she go?
What don't I know?
Then I turn to find her eyes
Infinite in warmth and infinite in pain and so wise
And endlessly in search of a love that is tangible
But oh Lord, save her from the fear
I think she's deafened by the fight
But I only said goodnight
I'm taking more than you've got
I know, I know
You know, you know your own mind
This is taking more than I have
You know, you know
I know, I know my own heart now
Infinite in love
And we are endlessly in search of an ending that's feasible
But oh Lord, why the urgent aching?
Why the urge to cry?
Can I muster up goodbye?

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