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Versuri No love again
- Matias Endoor

trimise de CopreanCoprean.

Strofa 1:
Do you remember the time
When nothing was wrong, when our hopes were so high,
We dreamed about starting a life,
Through good and through bad hand in hand, side by side.

Memories fly all over my mind,
The things you would hide, smiling with pride,
Lie over lie, you were so alive
And I was so faded but I realized.

I'm not allowed to love again,
I'm not allowed to cry again,
I'm not allowed to feel again,
Oh, no..

Love again (7x)
Again, again.

Strofa 2:
Now day after day passes by,
I know that you're gone, but it still hurts inside,
Maybe it's better this way,
You full of joy while I'm full of pain.



Love again (7x)
Again, again.

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