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Versuri Mathematics - Gun talk

feat. Buddah Bless, StreetLife
This is it, back in the mix and s***t
Verbal gymnast, watch how we flip the script
Doors we split, money ain't rebuild the click
Check the real s***t
Niggaz die for pose in they whips
Now we rich and some niggaz smelling they p***s
I still murder anyone of y'all f***g with this
We convicts, time served with no jail visits
I'm out now and if you ain't rolling with this
It's no love, it's no hugs, I ain't friends with ya
And you can catch a slug if the Clan say 'Get Ya'
Street Life do anything to get richer
I'll murder you just to put my face in your picture
Why it's like that? I don't play with rap
I got dough to stack, a whole bowl of cracks
In the blocks, it's slowing, I ain't going back
So I'm f***g with Wu when I'm bringing my gats

[multiple gun shots]

[Hook: Buddah Bless]
What's up?
Is this nigga spitting off with the rules?
What's going down?
Absolut till the eighty is proof

What it look like?
The thug 'bout to get in a fight
What it is?
Yo it's just the club, man it's jumping tonight

[Buddah Bless]
This is it, go 'head nigga, start them s***t
I'ma beef on the streets with a monster click
You put crills on your blills and I sponsored it
Now mix a lil bit of 'dro with the choco stick
Crack the Dutch, roll it up nigga, spark that s***t
I'm bringing flame to the game, I'm an arsonist
And why these cops trying to catch me?
I'ma get gold on ice like Wayne Gretzky
Snipe like Wesley, flows I hawk and spit
I ain't talking s***t-it, walking with it
Long forbid it, get lost, forget it
I paid the cost and did it
This a auction, bid it
Y'all don't know what I put up to get it
So put up or shut up, blaze down
What's going down nigga? What up?
What the blood clot? What the f***k got?
Gun cocked, one shot, lung pop
Lunch stop nigga like sun hot
Throw guns warm, conversate arm


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