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Versuri Master P. - Welcome to my city

[Featuring Mac, O'Dell]
Ughhhh hahaha Welcome to the 504 nigga the dirty south
Living is so hard in the city of
Livin' Livin' Livin' is so hard in the city (2X)
[Master P]
Ughhhh I'm from the city of the go getters I mean the poor niggas
where niggas front like they rich hoes but they broke niggas
and the bitches like the peapop (peapop)
and the niggas ride through the hood and like to slang rocks
and bitches want to make niggas into they baby daddy's
and niggas still ride old school Caddies
and a bunch of block parties and borrowers on the corner
and niggas wish they could move to California
it never rain in the sun shine cuz down here the murder rate's high
and bitches love to suck a line
a lot of gold teeth and nicknames like Big Suo Big Baz Hot Boy and Big
and you might get a rep if you're a killer
the city of the crawdads bad cops and drug dealers

and hoes love you if you're famous
but niggas representin' wards in the projects is dangerous
(Chorus) (2X)
young nigga got blast at the age of fourteen the dope fiends say
bruise it up cuz he shoot it up everybody suited up screamin'
God Why he was a killer and that's how most killers die
I used to tell him slow his roll back in '94
he was a trippy dog runnin' from the po-po
robbin' niggas for their rangs and thangs
he ran up on the wrong nigga re-arranged his brain
now check it in my city ain't no Crips and Bloods but niggas yell 3rd
come equiped with slugs and niggas soldier rags throwin' at those who
kickin' up dust chasin' paper that say in god we trust
now the five can't do nothin' for my light bill some motherf***kers
might kill for the right skrill in the city we do busy and bust
and nigga ya won't f***k with us nigga what
(Chorus) (2X)

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