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Versuri Type i hate
- Masta Ace

[Rah Digga]
Yo, this joint right here is dedicated to all them grimy cats
that'll stab you in the back, nah mean?
Disloyal a*s niggas all in your business
Snake in the gra*s a*s hoes, peeped your stash
You ain't goin nowhere snake
See you.. check it.

[Masta Ace]
I hate a nigga all up in your business
Tryin to finally confine about you yo what is this?
Damn nigga do you, work for the Source? I hope they pay you millions
cause you act like you takin the place of Wendy Williams nigga
I see you in front of my crib in the dark
Lurkin and waitin to see who's car was parked
It ain't your chick so why you care for?
Why you stop and stare for, what you there for?
Do you need to know every single, thing about my life?
It's not enough that I rap and sing about my life?
Even when I'm sleep, you got nothin else to do
But call up your man who's a bitch nigga just like you
Talkin 'bout my business like it ain't nothin
Y'all have a two hour discussion about who I might be f***n
Cats with these feminine ways and traits
Just one example of the type of niggas I hate, c'mon.

[Chorus: Leschea]
You see some m*********s got nothin to do
but sit around and talk about you
Never seem to get the s***t straight
These are the type of niggas we hate
They smile in your face you think they are friends
They flip and they never be the same again
Come around here actin all fake
These are the type of niggas we hate.

[Masta Ace]
I hate them niggas who just kiss a*s
so they can move up in the game like quick fast and they get ga*sed
Now they walkin 'round like they so down
'cause they workin up at Motown, but slow down nigga
Y'all m*********s is the worst kind
and I know you're probably hearin this here for the first time
But I'mma say that s***t other rappers just won't say
Think about it, feel it inside but just don't say
Keep them fake hugs when you come in the place
and when I see you I'mma say this directly into your face
Y'all some fake niggas, except now you got a name
and this applies to half of these niggas up in this game
I hate you so much right now
I hate you so much right now
I hate you so much right now
I had to get a pen and just right this s***t down, c'mon.


[Rah Digga]
I hate bitches that be frontin like they got your back
but when the jump off crack you see its not like that
Certain chicks put the "S" in snake
Try to give a bitch a break, wanna test your weight
Let 'em stay in your crib, even take your whip
Might even babysit while they playin the strip
Kinda chick want to smile up and call you sis'
Can't even bring your man around shorty (tsk, tsk)
Call your moms mom, even wear your clothes
Thats why I gotta give it up to them honest hoes
You know what they about from the gate
stay in there place, here's another type of broad I hate (What type?)
Type to put all of your business in the street (uh-huh)
That's why I only got a handful of peeps
Closely analyze all the new ones I meet
2001 bitches I ain't too beat.

[Masta Ace]
There you have it
Just a few of examples
And if you can't relate to this s***t right here
Chances are you're the type of m*********s we're talkin about
Ya heard?.