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Versuri Travelocity
- Masta Ace

International, globetrotter
Embodies liver
This girl Delilah
Struck my nut like Gold Schlager
In Amsterdam my blunts are rolled proper
Bahamas I get platinum p***y but only sold double copper
They +Wanna Have Fun+ like Cyndi Lauper.

[Masta Ace]
Wendy Barker
Chick was a friendly stalker
Met her in India in a Fendi parka
Switched the plan, never got to sniff the plant
'Cause her dad came home he had a pistol man
So I jumped out the window like a bitch and ran.

Suzanne that was with the band
We had s*x under the stands where they sit the fans
Unzipped her pants
Rubbed the c**t with my hands
Jerked me off 'till her wrists twisted and jammed
I can't wait to get my dick french-kissed in France.

[Masta Ace]
Met her in Bristol man
Had a show with Shauwny-T and Mr. Jam
Listen fam, she had a big rack of lamb
And they caused mad problems like math exams
Ask my man, her t**s caused traffic jams.

[Chorus: Wordsworth (Masta Ace)]
If it's, trains, planes, or the back of the bus
F***' with us, trust (We travel)
If the, price is right and the crowd is tight
Yo any time of night (We travel)
Just put us on the road (We travel).

If it's, coupe, sedan, or the back of the van
Just let us know the plan (We travel)
If your, town is small and we out on tour
Don't hesitate to call (We travel)
We will hit the road (We travel).

Yo, in India
I got an Indian chick named Dirty Red
When I cum I just aim for the dot on the forehead
Legs spread, got this girl Benet in France nice
Won't hit it 'cause the bitch too big like Kelly Price
Got head in the bathroom before my next flight.

[Masta Ace]
Vanessa White
No drawers, dress was tight
And she said she was a dike 'till I s*xed her right
Switched her ov', fell for the Masta plan
Touched my balls, swerved and I crashed the van
Had to jump on the train, cost me half a grand

Holding a handicam
A tramp named Pam had cramps so she cancelled plans
Hotel Abyss
Next night bedside stripping
Blew her back out had her legs starts twitching
F***d 'till I caused a blackout in the red light district.

Check the next visit
I'm in New Orleans with Bridget
Twisted, I make the p***y fart when I hit it
My L. A. girl is here, drunk off the liquor
She slides down my pole like a Miami stripper
I got mad broads because I'm that nigga.


Uh, yo, yo
I got Nina in Vienna
Tina in Sierra
Even Phoebe in Atlanta
Trish and Trina in Savannah
Dede, Kiki, Cece and Tameka in Havannah
Sabrina, Alexandra, Hannah, three in Indiana
Athena and Samantha from Tahiti and they dancers
Genie who was squeezy, did graffiti and a Cancer
While leaving Louisiana gave a CD as a sampler
Was me and me and Tamber
Drove to meet me with her grandma
She's from Alabama
Freaky and be easy in a camper
But I squeeze her
Had a threesome in her Mitsubishi Lancer