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Versuri The ways
- Masta Ace

So you want to be in music business?.

A life in rap's like a knife in the back
This life attracts some of the trifest cats
Niggaz getting deals with pipes and bats
If that don't work then they strike with gats
I know a few dudes got label deals
'Cause they crew pack steel like Navy S. E. A. L. S
And I ain't too smooth or too cool to mention
I done ran up in the label with cruel intentions
Listen, a label guy's like a bitch in disguise
He just trying to stay alive, see the twitch in his eyes?
A punch and a slap put his lunch in his lap
And a kick to the gut'll put a hunch in his back
No teeth and gummy and now he talk funny
But he set to sign off on that tour support money (that's right)
This nation's built on violent intimidations
Turn cats to hospital patients they more gracious
No promotion? Make 'em float in the ocean
Your album about to flop and he ain't showing emotion
He having a good time with a bunch of his friends
Let him find his dog dead in the trunk of his Benz
And he ignored your memo and the issues on it
Give his a*s a bullet with his initials on it
You want a big advance? Don't tell him twice
Hang his a*s out the window like Vanilla Ice
See cats get the message when they life on the line
But when you call from the crib with they wife on the line
This country of ours was built on violence
If your a*s got in the way you was killed in silence
And these been the ways since back in the days
Just ask the Indians or the African slaves
So before you pick a logo, and choose a name
First you gotta learn the ways of the music game

"I need to talk to you right now about my royalties"..
.. "My office hours are from 9 to 5"
"***k your office hours. I need to talk to you right now motherf***ker! "..
.. "What are you doing man? ".

These are the ways, the ways, the ways, the ways
This is how you got to get down these days
You want to get paid just remember the phrase
These are the ways, the ways, the ways, the ways.

("The ways" scratched repeatedly).

These are the ways, the ways, the ways, the ways.

Now if you think what I'm saying is a bunch of bull
Run up to the label now and punch a fool
And watch niggaz panic and start to run frantic
This goes for Warner, Electra, and Atlantic
And any other major on the map
Or A&R cat who turned his back after he made you want to rap
See if you can find out a face and name
So you know when you roll who to place the blame
But Keith Murray ain't need investigators
He f***k niggaz up, ask questions later
And Diddy had a problem with Stevie Stout
Got a Cristal bottle, knocked Stevie out
Damn, he even whip a nigga a*s in style
When Suge hears this record man he has to smile
And Def Jam reps wearing vests to work
'Cause they don't want they ribs and they chests to hurt
If I worked for them dudes man you won't see me
When Rocafella fall out with O. D. B. (nope)
That be a day that I'm a call out sick
'Cause niggaz cool first then they fall out quick (that's right)
Keep on thinking that it's only rap
You'll be a broke-a*s nigga and a lonely cat
So before you get played out and lose your fame
First you got to learn the ways of the music game

"What the hell you talking about? "..
.. "I'm talking about the cars and the clothes
and I got an even longer list of expenses:
Studio time, promotions, your expense account.. "
"You trying to muscle me? "..