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Versuri Masta Ace - Hold u

[It's the way I hold you (x7)]

[Masta Ace]

I will never forget the day that we first met

I wasn't even feelin you then but worse yet

I was all up in the mix with one of your friends

and when you seen it she would always give me one of your grens

like if I only knew what I was missin

I would quit kissing on this chick and change my position

I really thought you and my man was a better match

I never thought you was the type that I could catch

I used to see you out in the park with different cats

them big willie types that rocked them pimp hats

and every other guy in the block trying to get you

wishing that they had that wrath to get with you

felt you was out of my lead

its like if you was silk and lennon then I was vertique

I never would have pictured you and me together

but its like the way I hold you we was meant to be together

come on.


[It's the way I hold you (x8)]

The way I hold you it was so good (yeah)

I don't never won't let you go (a-ha)

can't see you with nobody else, (no)

I just really had to let to know, (yeah)

It's the way I hold you

It's the way I hold you

It's the way I hold you.

[Masta Ace]

Now I spend most of my time just being with you

early on I was afraid to be seen with you

cuz I knew cats would do anything they could

to stop us from being together its all good

they was mad cuz I got you and they didn't

some even tried to approach me I'm not kidding

had to be ten times I got into a fight

when niggas tried to say I wasn't hitting it right -Ya'

They kept on hating just kept on waiting

hoping that we brake up but we kept dating

never knew it would be so hard to be with you

I should make it easy on my self and just quit you.

[Make it easy on yourself x2)

I need to make it easy on my self

Yup, I need to make it easy on my self

Yup, I need to make it easy on my self

Yup and just leave you alone on the way

-No Way! When I hold you if the soul break

I realize and recognize that you're my soulmate

Its us forever had to let you know

its like I told you imma hold you never let you go

come on.


[Jean Grae]

One-Two check it

you should have known from way back I try to amp you

try to speak on your skillz when other niggas felt me

but you know that if you wasn't with me they can't even hear you right

and if you try to snatch me I'd been propaply turned into a fight

I been through my faces with cats and shakes

I know you seen me chillin' with fake players

who tried to grab me in the club and dance with me on the stage and gaters

they say you just hatin

-your jealous of the money that they're makin

Peeper stripper broads, thugs and gods and punks

Cats would front, get me high with all the smoke from the blunts

its not love its just lust

they always put me down when s***t gets rough,

I can't do it alone, I need someone to hold me right tell me their feelings

speak on us to they boys that's why we dealin

niggas startin rumors like we ain't chilling or split up

when you've been writing poems to me just to shut they're lip up

and there's still cats who try to touch me when they spot me alone

try to tap me just to see if im turned on

but it's the way you speak to me

its like we on the same frequency

and when you hold me, you make compete

come on.



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