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Versuri Dear yvette
- Masta Ace

[MA] Ay yo shorty I'm sayin, I knew.

you since you was like yay high, y'knamean.

You out here whylin' out, you really need.

to cool out with all that!.

[JD] Please, you don't know me!.

[Masta Ace].

Ay yo Yvette, there's a lotta rumours goin' around.

About you hoein' around, you need to slow down.

Eversince ya a*s grew, you been movin' kinda fast boo.

Don't even speak now when I pa*s you.

Hundred Dollar bill tattoo, on yo thigh.

The gleam in ya eye for the cream and the pie.

Skirt ridin' high so they can see ya thong better.

I'ma sit down and write you a long letter.

We was little, we was friends, we rode our big wheels.

Now I see you gettin' a Benz with big wheels.

All these guys in the city, see is the size of your titties.

And that you got hazel eyes and you're pretty.

They see a girl like you and they wanna get in her.

I was thinkin' we can go to a movie, maybe dinner.

You turned around and told me I need to retire.

If I can't "show you the money" like Jerry McGuire.

I don't know.

[Chorus Jessica Harrell].

You don't really know me.

Just what ya think ya see.

Just what ya think ya see.

You don't have to worry 'bout me.

This chick got hopes and dreams.

But I'm about this paper cuz.

There ain't no love for free.

[Jane Doe].

I never been they type of bitch, maybe when I was younger.

I craved love and thought they could satisfy my hunger.

Thirsty, had a few niggaz do me dirty.

Slid a blade across my wrist, almost went 7:30.

I spazed, now it's all about the cash.

Swingin' naked on a pole, doin' tricks with my a*s.

You wanna be with me and let happilly ever after.

Same ol' song, get more "hits" than Napster.

You don't care about me, you don't really know me.

My broked hearts and dreams is killin' me slowly.

Get ahead bitch, walk with a switch.

Lip gloss lips and 34 inch hips.

Airbrushed chips and chromed out whips.

I like to take trips when wife stash the whips.

F***k love 'em, solo.

Raisin' my seeds for dolo.

And mindstate fresh, with nothin' less than Polo.


[Jane Doe].

Please don't be sympathetic.

S***t I don't regret it.

While these hoes half-stepped it.

Nigga I'm gonna rep it, til' I die.

And make these G's multiply.

I'ma make G's cry like when Jesus died.

And on the third day my G rose again.

A foul type chick, quick to f***k ya best friend.

And smile in ya face, niggaz stay in ya place.

Catch my head at his waist, lie with a straight face.

[Masta Ace].

I know my man had you in the Bricks, with a couple of chicks.

Drivin' around havin' endless kicks in the Benz 6.

He said the s*x was (good), the head was (good).

Yo I think he would tell the whole hood if he could.

You say it's all about the money, well I can tell.

Cuz that nigga makes Sam Ca*sell look like Denzel.

My bad I'ma sound like a real hater.

I'ma leave it on that note and holla at ya later.


[2x Chorus].

[Masta Ace & Jane Doe talking over Chorus].

[JD] You think you are the judgement.

Y'all niggaz don't know me.

I do what I gotta do, I take care of mine.

Who you think you are, you ain't no better than me.

[MA] Why you say all that?.

[JD] I'm only doin' what I gotta do.

[MA] I do what I gotta do too.

[JD] You don't know me, you don't love me.

[MA] I'm tryin' to help you, I mean you out here whylin' out.

Whatever though.