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Versuri Masta Ace - Block episode

[Masta Ace]

Woke up this morning hearing shots below my project window

The TV's on from playing all night on Nintendo

jumped out of bed tryin to see what's up with all the noise and

I see somebody else has caught a case of lead poison

This type of s***t around my way is a regular occurance

because the same s***t just happened to my nigga Terrence

a week later now somebody else is laying dying

surrounded by a crowd of people and his momma crying

the way he's laying there it looks to me that he's a goner

I seen the cats who just did it run around the corner

I start to wonder who it is and why they had to wet him

I bet I knew him or at least I bet I probably met him

I can't pretend I'm shocked like electrocution

cuz any night there could be an execution

my momma told me that that thug s***t will get you buried

the next day there's your name in the obituary

I asked her why we gotta live in this environment

She said Your grandfather drank up his retirement

plus when I f***d around and had you I was just a baby

Just maybe if I wasn't being miss lady

things could've been a little bit better

threw on my jeans and my double knit sweater

I hit the block tryin to find out who got done in

Who had the gun and who that was I seen running


Another body on the ground cold and

another day another lost soul and

same s***t in every zip code

no matter where you go

its just another block episode

another story on the street told and

another turn down the wrong road and

sit back and watch it unfold

yo I'll let you know

just another block episode


Yo, I roam the streets with my peeps and the gun by my crotch

I got beef with this cat that resides on my block

he getting popped i swear when I see him it's on

He'll just be a tattoo on his best friends arm

my friends screaming "Punch be calm" y'all can save it

He borrowed 5 G's two months ago, still ain't pay it

This girl hit me on the cell about his location

I grabbed my gun jumped in the hoopty then I started racing

turned off the lights a block away so he don't peep the caper

I see him and a bunch of cats by the bodega

Don't wanna kill him I just wanna teach this cat a lesson

Stepped on the gas grab the gun cocked back the weapon

shot up the whole corner but hit him in the kneecap

that's cool cuz dead niggaz can't pay your cash back

I'm nutting to laugh at I keep bad temper

I hit him a bystander and one of his crewmembers



yo yo yo yo, last thing I heard was a blast car circling past

I wasn't nervous thought they might be searching for gas

soon as Rob came out dispersing the trash

car sped and lead went through his windows curtains and glass

dove in the dirt and the grass

I look bullet struck my right arm

glass in my left palm I lost my neck charm

I knew it was punch cuz Rob owed him money

but never had it always got new kicks and gear to match it

I'm in the ambulance I thought that beef was squashed

that's why when he seen Punch he crossed the street and dodged

See Rob's records with the DA and???

my records 4. 0 GPA going to Harvard

Athletes 100 miles and running he's a convict

other hand my high school football team I lead in yardage

boys regardless blood pressure dropped artery vessel clogged

cardiac arrest next my chest was shocked IV

oxygen mask bleeding heavily

we need to get to the hospital fast I'm doing 70

why I gotta be a casuality of war did good most my life

my career was growing gradually and more

hearing "hold on, you'll be alright, you're gonna make it"

sirens up ahead construction on the pavement

slowed down from this moment I didn't have a chance

see he didn't have his flash can't believe I died in the traffic jam

(*ambulance siren*)


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