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Versuri Smile for me
- Massari feat Loon

trimise de Rap_DiaRap_Dia.

[Loon Spoken]
Just Smile

[Verse 1 by Massari]
Ladies know me im a charma
So most of these girls that would be on me
Maybe because they know That I'm a balla
Thousand dolla bottles in the VIP
Plus i had enough of the drama
All of these honeys that would be on me
If you wanna lemme hear ya holla
and then if you wanna could you call on me?.

[Chorus 1 by Massari]
Baby could you be down for me
could you be around for me (Im a lover)
It really don't matter ohh you gotta just smile for me. [x2].

[Chorus 2 Massari]
You know you gotta (wha?)
Just make it hotter (ohh!)
Im stackin dollas
Aint no more drama for me [x2].

[Loon Spoken With Chorus 2]
You know you gotta
Just make it hotter
Lets Go.

[Verse 2 by Loon]
What's the sense brushin your teeth when your not gon smile.
I know I'm a bad boy but I'm not that wild.
I might hang out late but I'm not that foul.
These chicks be on my back like they got my child.

Meanwhile you know my style, I'm high profile.
Even though I be in the hood where the gats go bloa!
I got stacks and pals, rowin catsters wow, actin here ma thats not your style.
I can tell by the Chanel you livin it well.
But you aint used to dealin with cats that livin in hell.
Used to catch tryin to get in your tell, cats sniff your trail, stocky boots why you walkin those heels.
Kinda ill how you makin it hotter in your Gucci and Prada.
You the reason why a groupie you nada.
Nigga never get seen in Nevada, sippin pina colada, not with me momma nah uh. (you you you gotta).

[Chorus 2 x2].

[Verse 3 by Massari]
Im comin in Gucci and Prada
and then they lookin when they pass by me
When they run up they run up they wanna holla
And they only thing that i say is "Hey Mami"
Then i invited shorty to a bottle
she said she didnt drink VSOP.
So then i opened up another bottle
after that i took her home with me.

[Chorus 1 x2].

[Chorus 2 x4].

Smile for me Baby.