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Versuri In love again
- Massari

trimise de Deedee_DeemDeedee_Deem.

Must've made you so sad
to know that I was in love again
Guess all the things that we had
just wasn't good enough for you.

When I gave you my world
you turned around and you hurt me, tell me why
Thought that you was my girl
I guess that things ain't the same.

I was the one that gave you my heart
How could you turn around and play these games (I was in love again)
Now, baby, don't you cry
Look in my eyes
How did you feel when you gave my love away (I was in love again).

Now that I'm doing better
Moving on with my life
You wanna try to come around
just to say you want me.

You say you make me better

but all you do is lie
'Cause every night you goin' be creeping with another man.

I don't wanna be there
waiting every night
wondering if you are
with another guy.

If I was to give you all my love again
you would only turn around and leave me lonely.


I gave you all the love that I know
I let you know that you're my heart and my soul
So why you wanna give my love away
Nothing in the world that you can do will make me wanna stay.

[Chorus x2].

(Gave you my heart)
(Play these games, I was in love again)
(Must've made you so sad, to know that I was in love again)