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Versuri Bad girl
- Massari

trimise de NinaNina.

She wanna be a bad girl [x2]
Running from her past life
Looking for the spotlight.
She wanna be a bad girl [x2]
She's all up in the street light
Looking for the spotlight.

I chase up she got me running every light
She see me coming got me swerving left and right
She in a tight spot checking all her blind spots
'Cause i know you want me there when the light out
She got the pedal to the floor in the rain
In and out of lanes like its some kind of game
I'm think that i gotta speed up
'Cause I know that she don't wanna slow down.


And she knows that she can drive them insane
Body like a super model rollind in a Range

And I know that she wanna get down with a thug
Smack that give some love when she wanna
Wanna, give anything to get on her
I lace her up in some Gucci and Prada
Take her to the crib it's on all night
'Cause I'm a let her do what she wants.


Now she's all up in the streets and along
Shorty want a bad and she's out of control
Ain't nobody gonna get in her way
'Cause she's out there doing her thing
I know she needs to be all that,
Type of girl that'll make you wait up to for her to call back
But as long as she's bad with me
I'm a keep chasing her.

Ref. [x2]