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Versuri Mary Lorson feat Saint Low - Oh regret

Oh Regret is a terrible thing/it makes you forget this is all just a winnerless game
Go ahead the road you don't take is the price that you pay for an unloadable weight/That kind of
happy requires some deceit/the taste of the candy: the killingest sweet/go take your beauty and find
you a fit/they'll be unimpressed with you no matter what you bring/ oh regret
You've got to do the things you say you'll do/ sometimes you'd rather not
Oh regret is a terrible thing/ it makes you spit out things you've been dying to taste/go ahead
there are things left to take/never forget: might be another dinnerless day/Too much of a good thing
or just not enough/you're a permanent guest here, so what have you done now? //This undeserving
kid's hand's in the jar/ I think you've missed the boat my dear//I think you've gone too far this

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