Blast off - versuri Mary Lorson feat Saint Low |
Blast off - versuri Mary Lorson feat Saint Low |
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Versuri Mary Lorson feat Saint Low - Blast off

Blast Off, once again, ejected/Tired around the eyes, erected/This train, the longest ride, the last
leg/ Down the aisle, someone's singing to himself
Upstate, out of time, untouched/yesterday, driving on the left
The strength to work it out, the gift (of one good idea) /Please, let your ignorance be bliss
Chorus:Try not to think about it, if you can. Try not to think about it
Circle, maybe soon a face/ A small you, broken in two places (in perfection)
Trees without their leaves are naked (Jesus Christmas) /One stroke of ugliness: erase us
Bridge: welcome, Little Solder/ I hope you wind your little motor/ I hope you find while moving
forward/everything we've overlooked til now
Chorus end

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