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Versuri Mary J Blige - Time (remix)

[Q. S. R.]
Quasar, and MJB's crazy, Loco
It's 2-0-0-0
Even they don't know
It don't show
Women they wanna grind in my path
Find a fo' do'
It's only a ninety three
Still they be (Where?)
Behind the meat (Yo)
I needed two points to swing (Then I)
Shot a three, got nigga's hot at me (Word)
But they can't do nada, B (Uh uh)
I'm more economy than the brand new odessey

Hey yo, Carter got it beat, these times and probably
Won't be around for nigga's to finish playing Monopoly
Yo, it's the dolla's B, that got me writin' apologies
The bill collectors, plead the fifth or cop a plea
When they follow me, I'm duckin' like somebody shot at me

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