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Versuri Anna's song
- Marvin Gaye

This is Anna's song
Im making love all night long,
Take a bath in milk, and lay on your satin sheets
Laughing smiling, (oh oh)
Lay a while in, (oh oh)
Chocolate mint, candy sweets.

(living across the way) cross the way
(living across the way, living across the way)
This is Annas song
(this is Anna's song, this is Anna's song)
Keep on singing (loving my song)
All night long (loving my song).

Oooh work so hard, see me making dollars

(never worked so hard)
I know i should for my own good, whats it her smile,
Makes you so stubborn and oh
Didnt you notice the snow, starting to fall
Come let us sit a while, just listen
To the children laughing and running wild.

Anna Anna Anna
Yeah this is Anna's song hey baby hey baby
Loving you all night long
Let it happen again and again and again baby Anna yeah,
Shes a child of the sun, lovingest one of all
Mmm and this is Anna's song yeah
Keep on loving me baby loving me cross the hall,
She can't do no wrong 'cos this is Anna's song
Laugh and chatter to you, kiss me Anna dear
Ooohhhh baby.


Hey Annas heres your song yeah
The one that i promise baby, promise you all along
I knew all the time that id find the rhyme
Never have a fear, here it is my dear