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Versuri Martyr - The fortune-teller

"Which truth did you expect to hear?
The truth, I just told you...
Don't ask if you don't want to know. "

In the fountain of youth you will drown
Envy will make you sink like a stone
Damned temptations to remain on a throne
Belong to those who are forever gone

It's all just a question of perception
And questions don't always yield solutions
Stop asking how, when, where and why
For the answer will never come

You think you'll survive? Do you realize?
You won't come out alive. Rise above the skies
And then you will dive. Won't you die, so I can too?

You won't live to see the day
When you know it all
No matter how old you are

[Lead: Daniel Mongrain]

Tell me why? Tell me how?
Tell me, oh please tell me...
Tell me lies

So you wanted lies. Look into my eyes
I will make you cry. You don't realize
Follow my advice. You will not survive

Let go of me!
Eternity's too long for me

No matter how far you explore
The universe, you'll never find more
And you could pray your life away

[Lead: Pier-Luc Lampron]

No one seems to hear you anyway

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