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Versuri Marty Willson-Piper - Ugly and cruel

Ugly and cruel
Lies coming true
I split into pieces
And you were the glue

Covered in folds
Hidden in clothes
Your mind is so young
Your face is so old

When I woke up
I always looked down
I never won
When you were around

Opposites meet
But when we repel
The splinters of lust
Bear me to hell

Newspaper ink
All over my hands
The moon is so close
The astronauts land

But here in my head
There's ruin and pain
Simplicity lost
Again and again

Hands that can't wave
Eyes that can't weep
Blood that won't rush
Head that won't sleep

This mind that is numb
Blade that won't cut
Ice that won't melt
It can't hurt enough

Nothing to say
Vicious and vivid
Still nothing to say

The light switch stays still
As the night time comes on
I just can't imagine
How I'll get along

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