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Forever (for ann) - versuri Marty Willson-Piper |
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Versuri Marty Willson-Piper - Forever (for ann)

Artist: Marty Willson-piper
Album: Rhyme
Title: Forever (for Ann)

Sleeping in, in case i miss you
Dreaming takes me right there to you
Quilt of silver golden thread
Your face is shining in my head

Waking up i see you slipping
Don't disappear, quench your thirst here
Ace of hearts, stolen diamond
Skylark singing, churchbell chiming

The sudden sight of you is pleasing
It's only perfect things we're seeking
My heart's awake, my fear is sleeping
You i'm forever keeping

Forever, forever

My mood is cracked, i start to tremble
Splintered tears to re-assemble
I'm not able to express it
But i'm sure that i will get it

Lazy is the sleepy summer
I melt myself and drip upon her
Now we're liquid mixed together
Oh we can last forever

Forever, forever

I am focusing my actions
Pressing on with this attraction
If arrows fly then i will catch them

Oh it's you forever

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