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Versuri Back to cruelty
- Marquis De Sade

Heads of motionless men are bending
Over the receding ground
Useless hands are laid on knees
It will be so nice to shoo them down.

Back to cruelty
Back to cruelty.

Four these fat men cut off from real life
By connected filters set in line
Tone down the keenness of their sight
To dull just like a blunted knife.

Back to cruelty when starvation is staged
Back to cruelty to make up for their tedious lives
Back to bruelty, back to cruelty.

Outsides a run of coded pictures
They try to sort out once again
But truth slips out between their fingers
With the handling of these cards in vain.

Back to cruelty
A word will never weep
Back to cuelty
A book will never bleed.

Remember thoughts are a waste of time
That keep you from action and fight
Remember to think is to stare at oneself
Another way of staying deaf and blind.

Back to cruelty
Get rid of cold white visions
Back to cruelty
They're through with emotions.

Strike to make the fat men utter
Cries of hatred, cries of anger
Beat their flesh to shake them out
Of obscene sleep now let them shout.

Back to cruelty
Back to cruelty.

Don't stay behind your window
Don't kill your crawling shadow
That holds you to the floor.

Back to cruelty
Back to cruelty
And beat them.

I'ma thankin' a you