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Versuri I want you back
- Marius Moga

trimise de JuliutzaJuliutza.

I'm so tired of myself
And those pictures on the shel
Just talk to me,
I'm crazy..

Got no love under my skin
And my hope is getting thin
I'm missing you baby..

I've been sleeping on the floor
To keep the bed just like before
You left me..

It's a shame i didn't know
To appreciate you more
Now i see..

There's no much philosophy
I just wrote this melody
From my heart..

Cause i want you back..

Come back. come back. to me.
And i love you. i love you. i love you.. so love me..
I want you back. come back. come back. to me.
I want you so bad. i love you.. i love you. so love me.