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Versuri Mario Joy - Gold digger

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All you want is just dollars, dollars
You don't need no flowers, flowers
All you want is just dollars, dollars
Baby you chasing the fame
Baby you chasing the fame


Milli, Millions
Now you want millions
Say have you forgot
That i'm working day & night
I work in a bar
Now you spend time
With your rich friends
Already you forgot my name
Ok! hei i'm still me
But you sold your soul for money

[rap part]

You changed yaself I don't know why
She a gold digger looking for a gold mine
If u ain't got diamonds you getting no shine
If you ain't got a rolie she ain't got no time
When she found out I can't afford these
She hit the reject button and ignored me
Surely her new friends brain washed shorty
I'm on to the next one you ain't gotta call me
Huh! I bet she get used up
A good girl turned bad is her future
Who's up next whoever got a check
Whoever got a dollar you can probably make her wet
I use to treat her right but she going to the left
She wanna drown in the money so she ain't holding her breath
Yes! Her entourage got her gassed up
Fast girls open legs up for fast bucks!

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