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Versuri Tentacion
- Mario Bischin

trimise de CopreanCoprean.

Gotta know if you're in love tentacion, tentacion,
Nececito tu amor, tu amor, tu amor,
Don't lie me corason, corason, corason,
Saves que me gustas oooh.

Strofa 1:
Hey girl gotta give into me,
And I will give you everything,
This is a time to feel free, (feel free eh)
We'll free to love, love, love, love,
Won't give up hope if you run away,
So I'll take my kiss tonight ooooh,
And all the words in this world can say,
I need you girl just for me.

Oh yeah, dance for me all night,
Oh yeah, if you just hold me tight,
Oh yeah, just still with me tonight,
Give me love, give me dreams, everything.


Strofa 2:
Me gustas du, check out my flow,
I have no time to take it slow, take it slow, slow,
That, that girl is getting love, ha ha ha ha,
You're the hottest girl I've seen,
You should be next to me,
So come dance with me, dance all night,
We won't stop till the morning light,
Let me be your dream tonight,
I can give you what you like,
The club is getting love,
The girls are getting hot,
You got to love this crowd.


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