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Versuri Sexy mama
- Mario Bischin

trimise de Jakub MurčekJakub Murček.


Heya hey sexy mama,
heya hey move your body,
siente la musica,
shake it like lambada, (2x).

oh, oh, oh, (na, na, na) (2x).

Verse 1:.

I saw the way your movin',
so just please don't get me wrong,
I don't want to be alone,
but I need to be alone, with you,.

If you want me too,
well then you have to set a tone,
'cause I don't let you dance alone,
I will take you late at home yeah,.


Sexy girl I want your body,
the way you move so naughty,
makes me whisper in your ear,
all the things you want to hear, (2x).

Chorus (2x).

Rap (Donk).

Bridge (2x).

Chorus (4x)