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Versuri Best friend for life
- Marina

Best Friend for life
Best Friend for life.

Every night when the sun goes down
I call you up to go downtown
So happy that I got ya
My best friend for life
Put down the phone and come on over
My lucky charm you're my four leaf clover
Come on let's both get ready
My best friend for life.

Best friend for life
Come and be my
Best friend for a lifetime,
Best friend for life, best friend for life
Won't ya be my best friend for a lifetime
Best friend for life, best friend for life.

Let's comb our hair put on our makeup
And promise that we'll never breakup
Promise me forever you're my best friend for life
Who needs boyfriends who needs going steady
As for love we've got good and plenty
Now we've got what the world needs
A best friend for life

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