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Versuri Margaret Becker - Honesty

Tonight by the glow
Of the firelight
You found the courage
To speak your mind
And tear down the walls
You've been hiding behind
You spoke of your struggle
And you cried from the pain
You spoke of your failure
And then you turned in shame
You said you knew you'd never
Be alright

God's not afraid of your honesty
He can heal your heart if you speak honestly
Humble sorrow and the honest cry
He will not pass by

So many of us
Spend so much time
Smooting things over
Pretending we're fine
As if life could ever be
So cut and dried
But you my friend
You've got that passionate heart
It'll curse you sometimes
But it can take you far
When you let Him tame it
You will be just fine


You may feel like you're crawling
Over broken glass
Crying a river
Into the pillows of your past
But you will be free


Repeat Chorus

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