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Versuri Mandy Moore - If you believe

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I close my eyes
And even when I'm sleeping I'm all right
Cause you are in my life
Once upon a time
I only imagined this
And now your mine
I wished for you so hard
Pray that You'd find me
Maybe you're here today
Here to remind me

If you believe that dreams come true
There's one that's waiting here for you
Cuz I believe when I saw you
That when you want something enough
Then it can't escape your love
There is nothing in the world that cannot be
If you believe

Everybody said that I was a fool to think
That we could live (everybody said that)
But I couldn't get my heart out of my head
But they just didn't see
No they just couldn't know
The feeling you get
The places that you go


Never wish for material things
Never needed wind in my wings
I never wished for anything but you
I can't explain it
Someone just told me
Go where your heart is
You'll never be lonely


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