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Versuri 17
- Mandy Moore

Some people tell me, that you're not my kind
And i believe them, but i can't get you out of my mind
Some people tell me that i should stay away
Maybe I will.. some other day.

'Cause it feel right
And it feels good
And i don't do always that i should
And I know what makes me happy
And in my heart you're it exactly.

I don't wanna do right, I just want you tonight
Not just only in my dreams
Save my best behavior, for a little later
'Cause I'm only 17
Think i made my mind up, i got time to grow up
Face responsibility
Livin' in the moment, keepin' my heart open
While I'm only 17.

(Only 17..).

I'll learn my lessons, and i'll make mistakes
And If i get burned (get burned), it'll be my heart to break
It isn't easy, hearing what they say
Sometimes you've got to take a leap of faith.

'Cause it feel right
And it feels good
And I'm not gonna do something stupid
Just this once, i wanna feel like
I can do what i want when i hold tight