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Versuri Mandopony - Nothing can hurt me

trimise de AnabelaAnabela.

Is it fianlly over?
Are you finally done?
Are you happy now?
Did you have your fun?

I hope that it was worth it
All the tears I cried
While you were laughing
I was terrified

And if I never see you again
Please remember me the way I was
Before I was broken

And if I never wake
I pray the lord my soul to take
And your words won't hurt me anymore
No, your words can't hurt me

I hope for peace
Maybe it's all for the best
No more Nightmares
In my final rest

But one thing I'll never know
Is why you treated my like you did
I was your only brother...
... and I was just a kid

I wonder what mum and dad will do
I hope one day they'll learn
To forgive you.

And if I never wake
I'll pray the Lord my soul to take
Nothing can hurt me anymore
No, nothing can hurt me...

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