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Versuri Maksim - Znaesh li ti (engleza)

trimise de LauriklaurikLauriklaurik.

verse 1

i so got used to live for you, only for you...
watch the rise of the sun and hear u wake up but not next to me.
and now it's easier to breath with opened window...
and keep telling her only one thing:


do u know? i was walking down the night roads
barefooted not feeling pain in feet
now his heart is in your hands, -
don't brake it and don't lose it
so you won't have to carry ashes of love in hands
down the night roads, having bleeding feet
now his pulse is in your eyes, -
don't brake it and don't lose it

verse 2

and let the gray rain knock on his window in January
even that he hugs somebody else, he still remembers me anyway
and may accidentally say my name
even though he won't say it but he still remembers me's
and the rain is pouring down so hard...
my sweet boy i'm sorry for that shiver...
with the tears in the eyes whispered quiet good bye

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