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Versuri The flood
- Magnum

They were just theives and robbers,
You were a stepping stone.
Look how the innocent suffer,
Raging like a storm in your soul.
One thing they forgot to mention:
Making peace was their last intention.

There was a time you trusted,
You were too proud to beg.
Now you just feel disgusted
With everything you've done and said.
There really wasn't time to cry,
Or even kiss the children goodbye.

You got swept by the Flood
You got talked out of dreams.
There was a price on your blood,
Couldn't wash yourself clean.
It wasn't really worth a whole lot,
Looking back on what you got.
Like words in the mud,
Tears in the stream.
No more dreams.

All that you ever wanted,
All that you'd seen and heard,
Never got really started
Like a river never turned.
They didn't give a reason why,
Never even bothered to try.


Killers without a conscience,
Only the good lie dead.
Great father who trades in nonsense,
Picture this inside your head:
The magic of the talking wires
Carried both the truth and the lies

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