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Versuri Let somebody in
- Magnum

When did you stop lookin' homeward
Deep in trouble endlessly
Just like a ghost 'cross the water
You disappeared quietly.

Now every day seems too long
And everythin' just goes wrong
So when d'ya start to live again
Oh what a way for this to end.

You better let somebody in
No open door to anything

You better let somebody in
The times growin' shorter
Let somebody in
You're gonna lose it all again
You better let somebody in
Before your blood turns to water.

Now you get lost in your own time
Hide your secrets far away
Don't count the cost when you're fallin'
Don't have the answers so they say.

When everyday brings you down
You're just a face in the crowd
'cause you don't try you don't pretend
Oh what a way for this to end.


I thought that I really knew you
But that can't be right
And no one could ever find you
Lost in the night.

(guitar solo).


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