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Versuri Just one more heartbreak
- Magnum

I've been rejected, left unprotected,
And you might say I'm a no account,
But I'm still growin' and the river's still flowin',
Now I know just what it's all about.

Ain't well conencted, can't get accepted,
That's justa nother bridge I have to cross.
I'm a Believer and faith's a healer
But there's a price to pay I know the cost.

Just one more heartbreak,
Another memory,
Turn me loose.
Just one more heartbreak
You'll have to run to me.

The looks of tension, too cold to mention,
Like muddy boots on someone's polished floor.
Ain't broken hearted, weill I've just started,
I've ot some boots you've never seen before.

I can wait, I can dream,
Forget the bad news.


And do we live,
Hour by hour fades away,
But I know this,
I'll make the best of every day.

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