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Versuri Cry
- Magnum

Life's a poor man, always waitin'
No direction, almost lost
there's a hurricane blowin' around this old world
On these cruel seas, we get tossed Here we go.

Constitution, words of passion
Revolution from the past
The dogs are howling outside my window
Time is runnin', runnin' fast Oh I don't know, no.

Take me down & down & down is there any place I can go
Show me the face I don't know
Take me down & down & down & down

The forgivers growin' too old
Lately my conscience runs cold.

Times are changin', that's evolution
Rearangin' & you can't turn back
Well it just comes prowlin' round every corner
Strong survivin', weak get trashed
Woah woah yeah.


No tears for the lonely child
Don't know how to cry
There's no believin', always dreamin'

(guitar solo).


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