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Versuri Magic Dirt - Ascot red

Wolf woman,
Just cut the bleeding from me nails,
Snow man,
Snip out your brave little tails,
Wolf woman, Just rub your filthy eyes,
Snow man, that old black magic gets me
It's just the way things are,
It's not rejection you said, Sometimes
Things out of my hands,
Collapse dead straight to the bed,
I can see the white meringues,
Little fang it's out of your hands,
It's not rejection you said, It's just
Ending in
Ascot Red,
Always so distant
Like a bat lost its hell,
Always so distant,
So you keep us from keeping you well,
Wolf man,
Who are you in the nude?
Snow woman,
Takes the rectum and shows it to you,
It's not rejection you said,
It's just the way
All those,
All those f***g things are

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