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Versuri Madonna - Promise to try

Little girl
don't you forget her face
laughing away your tears
when she was the one who felt all the pain

Little girl
never forget her eyes
keep them alive inside
I promise to try
but it's not the same

Keep your head held high
ride like the wind
never look behind
life isn't fair
that's what you said
so I try not to care

Little girl
don't run away so fast
I think you forget to kiss
kiss her good-bye

Will she see me cry when I stumble and fall
does she hear my voice in the night when I call
wipe away all your tears it's gonna be alright

I fought to be so strong
I guess you knew I was afraid you'd go away too

Little girl
you've got to forget the past
and learn to forgive me
I promise to try
but it feels like a lie

Don't let memory play games with your mind
she's a faded smile frozen in time
I'm still hanging on
but I'm doing it wrong

Can't kiss her good-bye
but I promise to try

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