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Versuri 5 - 0
- Madball

I see the way that you're looking at me
You don't like what you see
Harrasing us every chance that you get
When the f***k are you gonna leave me be.

I'm getting sick of your smart-*s ways
And I don't have to play your bullshit games.

Now, hads against the wall
Don't f***kin' move - don't say a word.

I look in your eyes, I know you're not much older than me
Going out of your way to impress your peers, and make a fool out of me
And then you wonder why some people just don't f***kin' care
Quick to lock us down, and when in need you you're just never there.

Help - where are you
If this was you, what would you do
Cause I won't help you
I can't trust you any more.

Won't back down from you no more
You think that you're better than me
Give me a chance and then we'll see
Take off your badge, now talk to me
If you're the man you claim to be