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Versuri Issa in the park
- Madame Hooligan

trimise de Moris21Moris21.

I'm El Conte de la pain; I'm a star that has no fame
Maybe traveler in time, maybe clinically insane
But I pray, I pray
Pardon me the way I talk
For I'm alone and you're alone deep in shock,
You're a mere sixteen with a belt that will rock.. but..

Happiness is a blossomed tree, happiness is a chocolate crumb
Happiness is a newborn child, squeezing tightly on your thumb.

I've seen the fire people spewed, seen the fire people fed
Seen the fire in their guns, system errors in their heads.

I am Conte de Saint Germain, you are Issa in the park,
I've seen Madrid the day they bombed, also Dublin and New York
All your teachers dance defecating violence
But you're beautiful, beautiful, beautiful..
And there's more to life than a mere click! bang! boom!.

Happiness is a sudden laugh quenching all your bitter tears,
Happiness is when you see again your best friend after twenty years.

I've seen the fire people spewed, seen the fire people feed
Seen the fire of their eyes, spitting cancer on their bliss.

Don't blow yourself up sky high..
Nah nah nah..
Happiness is a silhouette causing belly butterflies.

I've seen the fire people spew, seen the fire people feed
But you kid are the final drop, the middle finger to our creed.