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Versuri Madalina Manole - Loving my baby

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Strofa 1:
I simply felt the love in my arms, it feels brand new,
What do you think, is to hard to say "I love you"?
Crazy of love, I play and I win, I feel it under my skin,
Whispers of wind is maybe sound of love, my perfect baby.

Loving my baby, counting my baby,
Feeling inside the touch of heaven,
Wherever we go, over the rainbow,
Dancing so high, just you and I,
Loving my baby, nothing that maybe,
Letters of century we can be,
Higher and higher, fells like my fire,
The way he takes my breath away.

Strofa 2:
I simply keep my dream and my life feels brand new,
I'm close to him, I'm happy to say "I love you",
Hunting the past away, go so far, and keep my velvet star,
Whispers of lips are maybe sound of love my perfect baby.

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